Are you Cheltenham ready?

….and we’re under starter’s orders.

As the Cheltenham Festival fast approaches, I thought I’d share a few ideas for outfits that I’d like to wear, if I were lucky enough to go. All of these using my favourite brands, some of whom I am fortunate enough to be an ambassador for.

My favourite brands, and Collaborations

With less than a week to go, I’ll be compiling six outfits. Some images taken from the brands’ websites, a few flat lays and a couple being worn from my own wardrobe. These outfits have all been put together ‘in reverse’. Rather than planning accessories around the clothes, I’m thinking outside the box and putting the clothes planned to complement the accessories.

Three accessories in fact. Can you guess what they are? From head to toe…

These three brands are synonymous with Cheltenham. You only have to look on social media to see a myriad of photographs of ladies standing in front of the statue of ‘Best Mate’, wearing at least one, if not all of these wonderful accessories. All three can be matched together quite easily too. The burning question is; what colour to go for.

So, without further ado, let’s get cracking with some knock out combinations. Outfits fit for Cheltenham.

Tweed anyone? The ultimate classic country attire. With so many brands to choose from, I have picked out just three. From fabulous ‘made to measure’ to high quality ‘ready to wear’, tweed is definately a winner, all three of these being ‘British made’ brands. Leger & Oaks, Holland Cooper and Dubarry.

The first of my chosen outfits, showcasing items mostly from my own wardrobe, with a couple of additions that would look great in my wardrobe.

🐴Navy Suffolk Fedora – 🐴 Mist Blackthorn long jacket and Blue Sunflower Linen Skirt – 🐴 Pluming Marvellous Classic Scarf – 🐴 Black High Neck Shirt – 🐴 Navy Loxley Handbag and Navy Flat Amira Boots –
Direct from my wardrobe.

The second of my outfits shows the classic white jeans and Faifax & Favor combo. A comination there will be no shortage of at Chelt’, but here is my chosen variation.

🐴Maroon Suffolk Fedora – 🐴Magenta George & Friends Classic Scarf – 🐴Red Check Bouclé Jacket – Very 🐴Red Zip Front Blouse – 🐴 White Jeans – River Island 🐴Alice Croc Print Handbag –
Looks very colourful doesn’t it? Wait until you see it on. It works quite well.

Outfit three. Why not try a tea dress? Teamed up with my favourite accessories. Some items I have. The others I need to add to my wardrobe at some point.

🐴Navy Best in Show Classic Scarf – 🐴Navy Suffolk Fedora – 🐴Navy Print Tea Dress – 🐴The Highcliff Tan Handbag & Tan Rockinghams –
As I don’t currently own any Rockinghams yet, for the purpose of this flatlay, I’ve incorporated my Tan Reginas & Baby Blue Tassels

So, onto outfit four. Tans and browns, with a contrast of green. Debuting my fabulous new Shirt gifted from Hartwell Clothing, and my gorgeous Tweed Skirt from Leger & Oaks.

🐴Camel Suffolk Fedora 🐴Gilet – 🐴Layla Snaffle Bit Shirt (Gifted) – 🐴Khaki Game On Large Scarf – 🐴Brown Elizabeth Handbag – Tan Check Tweed Newmarket Skirt – Tan Sporting Fit Reginas –
With the addition of chocolate tassels, I think this outfit is complete

For my fifth outfit, I picked out one of the colours in the check of this tweed skirt to compliment the accessories.

🐴Brown Suffolk Fedora – 🐴Navy Jacket – 🐴Tantalising Teal Classic Scarf – 🐴Camel Buttoned Roll Neck Jumper & Mid Blue Chelsea Skirt – Chocolate Windsor Bag & Mahogany Leather Reginas –
I then reconsidered the accent colours, choosing the russet instead, and low and behold, the skirt has a rust colour running through it.

Last, but by no means least, my final choice. Showing here that jeans can be dressed up to look perfect for a day at the races.

🐴Maroon Suffolk fedora – 🐴Mulberry Mayhem Classic Scarf – 🐴Black Double Breasted Jacket – by Pierce II Fionda 🐴Pink Starflower Shirt – 🐴Jeans – 🐴Tan Mini Windsor & Oxblood Apsley Loafers –
I just adore the way the Fedora, Scarf and Loafers all match. Add a hint of pale pink and bingo.

There you go, six outfits I would love to wear to Cheltenham, with a few bits needed to complete the looks. Good things come to those who wait anyway.

“But wait”, I hear you say, “what about photos of you wearing these outfits”. In fairness, I decided to save that part until last. All six outfits, so here you go.👇

Outfit #1. Well at least some of it. Still looks good though doesn’t it? Oh, and as I can’t have my Amiras until 18th, I’m wearing my Reginas.
I’m really quite pleased with how this one turned out.
Once again, to show this outfit off, I wore my Reginas.
Ok, so how good do I feel in this? Isn’t it fab?
Miss Polly got quite annoyed with me for standing in the way of the TV while she was watching Crufts. Yes, she was watching it.
Last on the list. Fairfax & Favor Apsleys are comfy enough to wear all day, so would be perfect for standing all day at the races.

So, these are my choices, from my own wardrobe, to give you alternative ideas for “A Day at the Races” for when you are on a limited budget. Hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Until next time, as always, be happy, stay happy and most of all have fun.

Annette. XxX