Accessories #3

Stepping out in style… Fairfax and Favor

    Quintessential country style.

Marilyn Monroe once said “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” When I discovered Fairfax and Favor, that famous quote, for me, certainly came into fruition.

The epitome of luxury country footwear, Fairfax and Favor, another English brand that just screams quality. A brand that has become so well known over the past, almost, six years of existance. Started by two gentlemen from Norfolk; school friends Marcus Fairfax Fountaine and Felix Favor Parker. I wonder if they knew then, that their prospective middle names would become part of everyday life for so, so many.

You don’t have to go far to see someone wearing the uber gorgeous footwear. In the field, in the city, at the races; a huge variety of people are to be seen wearing one style or another. Why? Simply because they are incredibly stylish.

For me, what started as buying “just one pair”, has ended up as being quite an addiction. An obsession; but one that wouldn’t affect my health, just my bank balancešŸ˜«. In all honesty though, I would much rather pay more for something that I know will last me a lifetime if looked after.

The collection……… up to now

The first pair I got were the Mahogany leather reginas. In the style of the classic Spanish riding boots, I was so excited about them. I’d seen them on an episode of Emmerdale of all places, and thought “Hmmm”šŸ¤”, I wonder”. After a lot of Googling, Facebooking and Instagramming, I found them. I needed a pair. So I saved up, and I bought a pair.

Mahogany Leather Reginas. Ā£335 Rose Gold Limited Edition tassels Ā£20

The next step was to accessorize my boots, which could only mean one thing…..tassels. In a myriad of the most sumptuous colours, the tassels can change the look of any outfit. In fact, I wear mine to match other accessories, especially my silk scarves and fedoras.

From left to right… Tangerine, Pink, Purple, Porto Blue, Baby Blue and Forest Green.

You would have thought I’d be content wouldn’t you? Not a chance. I started to covet the tan suede Reginas. Now I do have quite chunky calf muscles, and so sporting fit was the way to go. I’d sized up on the mahogany, but with these I could get my regular size. Perfect. They are so comfortable.

Flat Sporting Fit Tan Suede Reginas. Ā£325 Baby Pink Tassels Ā£20

My passion for Fairfax was born. Nothing now could stop me. I had to have a pair of shoes, but which to go for? They are all beautiful. I decided on the Apsley loafers. Smart enough to dress up, yet casual enough to dress down with jeans. I chose the navy, and how glad I am that I did.

Navy Apsley Loafers Ā£185

I was also fortunate enough to get another pair of Apsleys in the sale. This time in Oxblood. The way I think of describing the fit of these wonderful shoes is “Fit like gloves, and feel like slippers”.

Not only do Fairfax and Favor make long boots, ankle boots are also within their range, and my choice with these were the Chelsea Boots. In lush chocolate, rich and dark. True to size, these boots can feel a little narrow across the foot, but I just wore them around the house a few times, until they ‘relaxed’. Now they fit perfectly.

The Chelsea Boots. These have now changed to incorprate brogue detailing. Ā£200

I love the way you can wear them with jeans, or trousers, or why not with a summer dress, when summer finally arrives of course.

Now I’m only just over 5’2″, and was wondering whether I would look rediculous in the Amiras. So, I ordered a pair in the recent sale, safe in the knowledge that if they were not suitable, I could return them. I was fortunate enough to buy the last pair in my size. In truth, they looked fabulous. A definate keeper. Thus becoming another pair to the ever increasing collection.

There are a number of ladies who take part in the Facebook ‘Fairfax and Favor Club’ who are also, like myself, vertically challenged and have wondered about the Amiras. I do hope I have dispelled their anxiety.

Flat Amiras Ā£395

You may have noticed each pair I have are all flat rather than heeled. This is because I have a chronic condition that affects my mobility and causes me immense pain. I have four pairs of boots, and two pairs of shoes. The first time I have ever had this amount of the same brand. To me this is a testimony of just how easy Fairfax and Favor are to wear, and just how comfortable, and believe me I can wear them all day.

That is my collection thus far. There will most definately be more additions in the near future. With such an amazing choice, it’s hard to decide which to go for next.

Finally to accompany all the footwear they have a stunning array of handbags and purses. There is then of course the gents collection, but that will have to wait for another timešŸ˜˜.

That’s it for now. I do hope you’ve enjoyed this blog. Until next time remember; be happy, stay happy and most of all have fun.

Bye for now. See you all soon

Annette. XxX