Clare Haggas Scarves; How do you tie yours?

Firstly, let’s talk sizes.      Clare’s scarves start with a 30×30cm Pocket Square which is perfect on your handbag as a twilly. Then we have the Medium Square, which is 50×50cm, an ideal neck scarf and more. The Narrow Scarf, measuring 100×30cm, such a lovely size. The Classic Scarf at 153×43cm, one of the most popular. Then finally the Large Square coming in at 100×100cm. A perfect size for so many styles.

Clockwise from top. Pluming Marvellous Classic. Liquorice Hold Your Horses Narrow. Sage Catch & Release Medium Square. Cream Turf War Pocket Square. Russet Monochrome Large Square

So, you have the scarves, but how to wear them? That’s the question. There are many ways to tie a scarf instead of just draping it round your neck.   Hopefully, this blog will give you a few ideas; some well known, but maybe one or two that are just that little bit different.

I’ll start with the pocket square, then work my way up to the large square.   Giving you step by step photos and guides to help you along.

The Pocket Square. Ideal to be used as a twilly on your handbag, but how would you attach yours?   You can tie it on, right?  Silk can easily slip undone though, and what a travisty it would be for it to loosen and fall off.   There is a simple solution, one you may not have thought of…. a hair bobble/hair tie.

By securing your small square with the aid of a hair tie, not only are you lessening the risk of losing the square, but you get to see more of it’s beauty.

Fold the square corner to corner to give an even finish. Thread it through the hair tie, then fold the scarf in half. Place the tie under your bag handle then, pull the scarf through. Pulling the tie tightly will secure your scarf in place.
Displaying your in all it’s glory

Another way to adorn your bag is with a bow.  Now to tie a bow with a small pocket square and still have it looking good would be diffucult to acheive, so once again, this is where a hair tie comes in handy.

Fold the square as before to form a long narrow strip. Make two loops and two tails, by crossing the equal lengths of the square over one another. Secure with a doubled hair tie. Secure onto your bag as shown in the previous demo. This time though it is a little more tricky as the tie needs to be stretched more.

Of course, as it’s name suggests, it can be worn in your pocket, and a lot of men can be seen wearing them in a breast pocket of a jacket, so why not we women, but, they are also just large enough to wear around your neck.

Simply tied like a bandana

Now let us move on to the bigger, medium square. Introduced at the request of several of Clare’s customers.

Once again, this square can be worn as a bandana around your neck, but it equally makes a fabulous headband, being the perfect size for one.

Folded in half to form a triangle, the medium can be worn very nicely around your neck

Securing the scarf with a hair tie gives you a fully adjustable headband, to be worn in a number of ways. With the tied part hidden under your hairline, or on top of your head. To turn this into a “knot” simply tuck the loose ends in.

Using a hair tie to make a headband

Moving on, we have the very popular narrow scarf. As the name suggests, it is a slimline scarf. A favourite little gem in a lot of our wardrobes.

A simple knot to the side. Or why not tuck the knotted end in your top and make a roll neck effect

With this one, I began to wonder about wearing it in my hair, but didn’t want to tie the scarf into a bow around my hair. So once again my little friend the hair tie stepped in and I was able to create a bow for my hair

Create your own hair accessory
Twist the tie into two. Then thread the scarf (folded lengthways) through. Form the bow as you would normally. I find putting the hair tie ‘off centre’ creates a more even bow. Use the tie to secure to your hair.

Moving swiftly along, we come to the scarf, which in my opinion, is the most popular and most versitile. The classic. There are so many ways this practical sized scarf can be used. I tend to wear my classic scarves a lot more than the other sizes. It is the perfect size to do so much with.

The figure of eight choker. The pussy bow. Slotted through loop. The side cross.
Gucci inspired handbag glamour.

The figure of eight choker is so easy to achieve. It can add that touch of class to any outfit, and if worn for an evening, how elegant to leave the loose ends cascading down the back of your neck

Start by making a loop. Cross the underneath end over the top end, then pull through to form a type of knot. Pull both ends back and secure. This is worn over the throat, with the ends at the back.

Adding one of Clare’s amazing scarf rings to your collection definately gives you more scope to create different styles. The cross design of the ring can be used in a variety of ways, from threading the ends of the scarf through to gather it without having to tie it, to making a sweet ‘pussy bow’.

I find the easiest way to thread the ring onto your scarf is to pull the halved loop through from bottom to top, then slip it over my head, rather than to try the more fiddly way of threading the loose ends through.
To create the bow, pull a loop.of scarf through the side openings of the ring. Once both sides are threaded, you can then adjust the loops to suit you.
To form a cross, take a loose end and push through the side of the ring from the left. Take the other end of the scarf and thread through from the top of the ring to make the crossed pattern. This is great for if you want the scarf to drape over a shoulder.
Glam up your bag with this Gucci inspired look. Knot one end of your scarf to the bottom left of the bag’s handle. Then twist the length of the scarf evenly around the handle repeating to the right bottom, then tie a similar knot at that end.

Last but by no means least we come to the large square. Another amazing sized scarf that has so many and varied uses. With this scarf, I was able to get quite creative, and I dare say I’ll have more styles to add at some point.

The easiest ways to wear the large square. Firstly, harking back to the early eighties and the ‘new wave’ movement. Then tie the loose ends across the main body of it. Or why not wear as a tie. Or maybe even a bow.

I do however have some more ideas to share with you. I’m sure you’d like to give them a go, being a little bit different, but easy to achieve.

Here are a few more ways with the large square. The Boy Scout. The cowl neck. The crossed knot and The Barley twist

Both the boy scout, and the cowl neck required the use of a hair tie. By halving the scarf on the diagonal to make a large triangle, bring the two ends together and secure with a twisted hair tie. Pulled up with the tails at the front, looking like a boy scout, or loosen it off, turn it round so the point is at the front, and hey presto, you have turned it into a cowl neck.

Use a hair tie for the boy scout or cowl neck

The crossed knot and barley twist I came across just by messing about.

For the crossed knot, from a triangle keep folding over, point innermost to form a long thin scarf. Make a loop hanging down. Bring the bottom end over the top, then under the loop. Bring the top end under the top then over the loop. This forms a crossed knot. Slip over your head then adjust to suit.

The barley twist I think speaks for itself. It looks so nice as an alternative way to wear a scarf, or instead of wearing a necklace. This is another method that uses the longest length of the scarf by going corner to corner

To make the scarf longer, first join corner to corner. Continue to fold in on itself until you have a long narrow strip. Take each end of the scarf and twist in opposite directions to one another. The more you twist, the better. Now bring both ends together and watch the magic happen. The scarf will twist in on itself to form a barley twist. To put it on, just pop round your beck and slip the ends through the loop.

So there you have it. A few ways to wear or attach your fabulous Clare Haggas scarves. Why not play around with yours and see if you can come up with other ways to use them.

I hope you have found this blog of some use to you. As I think up more, I will add them to another post, so they are all catalogued in one place.

Have fun experimenting, but most of all enjoy your pieces of pure decadence.

Until next time, always remember, Be Happy, Stay Happy and most of all Have Fun. Stay safe.

Annette XxX

Reviews:- The Brancaster

The Brancaster

Though we are heading headlong into Autumn and “boot weather” let us not put away these little treasures just yet.  There will no doubt be a few sunny days left to enjoy them, before they go into hibernation.

These super sandals are everything you could want for the warm hazy days and balmy evenings of summer.

The sandals by Fairfax and Favor, that really are like no others. Yes we have had toe posts, we have had ankle straps, and even built in heels, but has there ever been all three combined in one shoe?     The simple answer is….No.    Throw a zip back with iconic tassel into the mix and ‘Hey Presto’ enter “The Brancaster” stage left..

Raspberry Brancasters £135

A lot of ladies are put off these because of the toe post, but rest assured, they really are so comfortable. I believe it is down to the fact that that the ankle strap draws the foot away from having full pressure on the toes.

Such comfortable, practical sandals; I have spent most of the summer in mine, and will almost certainly be adding to them next year.

Dressed up or down, the versitilty of these delightful little sandals knows no bounds.  Perfect with jeans, but looking equally as good with a floaty floral dress. They really are the ideal footwear for any occasion.    It’s easy to see why so many fans of Fairfax & Favor choose them; but don’t just take my word for it, I’d like some of the lovely ladies of the Fairfax and Favor Club group to let you know what they think.

Ladies, it’s over to you…

First to put her best foot forward is….Helen.

The perfect summer sandal.

HELEN…“Fell in love with the Brancaster’s last year, but being new to the brand wanted to try them on first, but never got the chance, so they were definately on my list for 2020. They certainly did not disappoint; comfy and stylish, everything that you would expect them to be and more! The perfect staycation footwear and will definately be one for holidays abroad.”

Perfect for summer by the sea
“Comfy and stylish”

Who’s next? A fan of the two toned colours.   Shall we ask Loren what she thinks? Loren, your turn….

LOREN….“These have to be the comfiest and most fashionable sandal around.     I’ve yet to find an outfit they don’t finish! Firm staples in the wardrobe…!”

Somebody likes the two tone, eh?
The two tone. Tan/Navy and LE Tan/Raspberry.

The two tone versions proved to be very popular this year. Often selling out as soon as they hit the website. The Rasberry/tan being a Limited Edition.

Grrrr! How about a bit of Jaguar?

The other Limited Edition for this year was the Haircalf Jaguar. These too were flying out as soon as they hit the website. There are some left, but when they are gone, they’re gone.     These proved so popular that they were often bought with the various jaguar accessories to really make a statement.

Sping/Summer 2020, apart from being the most surreal time we were having to get used to, didn’t dampen our spirits as the new seasons colour came out. This year being the two ranges in Raspberry and in Khaki.

Spring/Summer colours were a big hit too.

One of the fans of the seasonal colours is Margit.

MARGIT…“Brans are the best! Really want the tan and navy ones in future 🤩 but I love my khaki ones too”

Favoured by so many of us, the navy was the “go to” last year, as it has been this year as well. Admittedly, we couldn’t enjoy them as much as we should have done this year, but never the less, we wore them indoors, in the garden, whilst queueing, and queueing some more.

The stalwart navy Brancasters.

DOMINIQUE…”Took mine on their maiden walk around Bristol. 8 miles later not a blister! So comfortable x”

Fan of all things Fairfax & Favor; Steph has the Brancasters in her sights for the future.

STEPH… “One day I’ll be the proud owner of these gorgeous shoes and the Bran Tan that goes with them😂😍”

(We all know from a previous post what the ‘Bran Tan’ is don’t we? Hahaha).

Last but certainly not least to have her say about the Brancasters, the person who will no doubt end up with a pair in every colour… our Sarah…

Some wonderful Brancaster Flat lays
Where you see Sarah, one of her dogs is bound to be near. Especially this one.

SARAH… The Brancaster….. What can I say?   The perfect summer sandal.     I must agree, as I now have four colours.    For sure not to be missed, as you will have sandals  for life.

The best way to display.

Well, that just about wraps it up for this review. Only one thing remains, and that is to thank each of the club members who contributed:- Helen Gibbs, Loren Wright, Margit Pointer, Debra Staton, Emma Marshall, Pauline Moore, Melanie Styles, Jenny Walker, Dawn Brown, Georgie Clarke, Emma Wilkinson, Dominique Stainton, Alison Macleod, Gemma Robertson, Abby Cowlan, Lorna Oakley, Jane Axtell, Liz Waine, Steph Cresswell, Julie West, and the wonder that is Sarah Burton. Thank-you all ladies, very much.😘

So, there you go, the review of the Brancasters is complete.

Hope you enjoy it. Until next time, always remember to Be Happy, Stay Happy and most of all Have Fun. Stay safe.

Annette   XxX

Review:- the Burghley Reginas

The Limited Edition Burghley Reginas.

With the cancellation this year of most annual sporting events due to Covid, including the most wonderful Burghley Horse trials, Fairfax and Favor still wanted to present us with a Limited Edition product, as would have been sold at the trials. However, this year, I believe they are something to be treasured on every level.

The fabulous Limited Edition Burghley Reginas.

Like a lot of Fairfax and Favor fans, when I first saw these boots on the website, I gave an “um” and an “argh”, and thought to myself, “now does grey and navy really work?” The simple answer to that is yes, it does indeed.

A video was then produced to demonstrate them on the Facebook page, and the sceptical opinions started to change. They looked so much nicer being worn on film.

So, Wednesday came along, with the Earlybird code on the club group, and they started to fly out. Available in both heeled and flat, in the three calf widths, they were there for the taking for all.

I spent the whole of Wednesday to’ing and fro’ing, should I or not. I showed them to my best friend, the guy who lives with me. By late that evening, he had offered to get them for me as a combined Christmas & Birthday 2021 present. At this point they were rapidly selling out. Only three pairs left in a size 5. Still I hesitated. A sleepless night ensued.

Fast track to Thursday lunch time. He had finally convinced me. Yes they are Limited Edition. Yes I would be gutted if I at least didn’t try a pair. So being a true lady, I caved in and accepted.

Size 5’s SOLD OUT, it said…..but; one pair left in regular fit size 6. Just one pair. I knew from the past that a 6 may be Ok. So, I agreed. I went for it. At 12:53 on Thursday, the last pair of 6’s had been purchased, by me.

So Friday morning, and there is a knock at the door. Not my usual driver, but never the less, this very friendly DPD guy had left a big box on the doorstep. The excitement in my house was palpable.

I had been in the process of putting together a flat lay, so this then turned into a full IGTV video of the grand opening. If you’d like to see that my Instagram account is:- (please feel free to follow me, especially as I shall soon have a 2k giveaway up for grabs).

Opening the boxes, the anticipation by this time is electric
My first glimpse. The iconic blue dust bag
Just Wow.

I was certainly by no means disappointed by my first view of them. The colours are so striking, being both rich and deep. The navy is remarkabley vibrant against the grey. I would go as far as to say, quite regal looking, which considering their name is very apt.

The wonderfully shiny hardwear.

The hardwear is just as rich as the suede; beautifully shining gold, adding more class and style. The tassels too are now incorporating the new style fastening, and the zip pull has been lengthened just slightly to accomodate this.

The attention to detail is evident on all the gold detailing, with the latest shield design too.

Heel and elastic. Synonamous with the Reginas.

The elastic back stretches to a width of 5cm giving all calf sizes the opportunity to be catered for. The leather and rubber composite heel and sole are designed to last. In the heeled version you’ll have a 6cm cuban heel of the same materials.

As with all of the Reginas, these boots have the memory foam insole, and you really can wear the boots all day because the insoles are so comfy. This is testiment indeed, as I have a chronic hip condition and walk with a stick. I can, hand on heart wear Reginas all day.

Composite sole. Leather lined.

Leather lined with the now familiar orange leather. Being fully lined, means extra comfort around your legs, plus it helps the boots to keep their shape.

One thing I did notice a lot of ladies and prospective owners were saying, was regards what to wear them with, or which tassels would go with them. I think you are all going to be astonished by just how many tassels do go.

I spent an hour or so trying all of my collection of tassels with them. Only 5 pairs didn’t cut it. Just 5 out of 29 pairs. Yes 24, two dozen could and can be worn with the Burghleys. Surprised? I certainly was.

Never let it be said you can’t wear the myriad of colours with your Burghleys.

So as to sizing. As I said I had hesitated so much I missed out on the size 5’s. Phew thank goodness. Kismet was certainly my best friend that day. I bagged the last pair of size 6 regulars, and they fit perfectly. The zip is tight at present, but as we all know, this becomes easier with wearing.

The last pair in a size 6 regular. I’m in love

So for those of you lucky enough to get a pair, well done. I hope you will cherish them as much as I will.

My only grievence is, they now have to go away for a couple of months. I have to wait for the jolly, fat man dressed in red, to go sky joyriding with his reindeer before I can wear them. Still, I suppose it’s a small price to pay.

So that only leaves me to say, I hope you have enjoyed my little blog.

Please feel free to subscribe, and invite your friends to.

Until next time, always remember to Be Happy, Stay Happy, and most of all Have Fun. Stay safe.

Annette XxX

Accessories #4

When everything has to match. Part 3.

The third and final part of matching Fairfax & Favor boot tassels with other clothing. In this part, I will be concentrating on my favourite…Tweed. In particular, showing just how many colours can be picked, so therefore I’ll be showing close ups to give you a better idea.

Tweed; usually a wool or wool blend fabric has been woven on looms for centuries,and is regarded as the quintessential English country style, most often made in the UK. Originally worn on the sporting and shooting fields, it is now very much regarded as the style to be seen in if you follow country fashions. Timeless and elegant, especially when worn with the fabulous boot selection by Fairfax and Favor.

Newmarket Skirt £95

There are many types of tweed, in a variety of colourways and weaves, that you really are spoilt for choice. A simple herringbone, through to an elaborate tartan or check tweed, the list is endless.

On first impression, you see the base colour and maybe the check lines that really stand out, but if you look deeper at the weave, more and more colours become apparent.

Blue Linen Herringbone Skirt :- No longer availabe Boot Tassels http://www.faifaxandfavor:- £20 a pair

Let’s start with a basic linen skirt. This herringbone style is very clearly blue, but the closer you look at the blue thread, the more tones you see. With that in mind, I chose (from left to right) Midnight, Sky, Petrol, Cobalt, Porto, Baby and Navy. The full gambit of blues. Each of these will complement this simple skirt.

Check skirt by Mango.

An obvious check is another easy pattern to work with. The tassels here are Chocolate, Tan, Tangerine and Grey. You could of course always add a different dimension by adding other accessories. For example, with the addition of a scarf, you can select other tassels. A Clare Haggas scarf worked well here with Forest Green. scarf

Next on my list is a brown tweed that once again needs to be looked at a lot closer. Little hints you may not at first have spied.

Skirt by Alford Smith

The unmistakable colours here, are brown and pink, but why not chose different pinks. Here we see Chocolate, Raspberry, Magenta and Burgundy Chlesea Skirt in mid blue check £129

This mid blue check clearly shows brown (Chocolate) and orange (Tangerine) running through it, but look closer. The background is herringbone which you can match with Navy, Baby Blue and Grey.

Finally, we have the skirt from the beginning of this blog. The beautiful Newmarket Skirt by Leger and Oaks. A brown check with an array of colour varients. From the base herringbone, to the colourful grid of the check, this skirt is a veritable kaleidoscope to work with. (From left to right) Purple, Hot Pink, Burgundy, Raspberry, Chocolate, Mustard and Tangerine.

Well I think that’s about it for this time. I hope you’ve enjoyed the final part of my tassel trilogy, and how I like to pick out colours to match with boot tassels. Why not experiment.

Please feel free to subscribe to my blog, and stay tuned, as coming shortly, I will be discussing more Fairfax and Favor products, and asking for some followers input. Until then, always remember; Be Happy, Stay Happy and most of all, Have Fun. Stay safe. Bye for now. Annette XxX


The Fairfax and Favor Club’s Mini Thesaurus.

A beginners guide to speaking F&F. Written in no particular order and with contributions from club members… Words and phrases that are now synonymous with the Facebook page followers

Faddict (noun) = All members of the F&F Club.. Every single one of us. The driving force of this obsession. The wonderful people who share our joys, and our woes.

This group has grown phenominally since I joined. There were only 4k members back then

Faddiction (verb) = the inability to avoid adding more gorgeous products to your ever growing collection. [Also see blue box tower]

I am a faddict, but I haven’t ordered anything today….yet

Faxcident (verb; to have a faxcident) = When an order is placed by a club member, and she needs to tell others, so they can empathise with her.

Big or small. A faxcident is still a faxcident

Fabinet (noun) = A decorative cabinet or cupboard in which to place your prized collection. Often upcycled.

Courtesy of club member Sarah Burton

FFA (initialism) = Short for Fairfax and Favorholics Anonymous. The institutional name for the F&F club page.

A dear friend and club member visited the Holt store hoping for some faddiction guidence

Fehab (noun, short for Fehabilitaion) = Unfortunately, due to there being no known cure for this addiction, there are no longer any fehab clinics in operation.

Courtesy of a club member

Faxquency (noun) = the rate at which a person makes purchases for any F&F product. Often occuring several times a month.

All in a short space of time.

Falibi (noun) = A word used by members who opt to use the very clever “Alibi” cards often sent with Faxcidental orders.  These take the form of a free gift or competion win. Especially useful when a person’s spouse or partner knows the true value of a product against that person’s salary.

A perfect Falibi. Look what I won😉🤫

Fairfax Finger (verb) = A very common condition, whereby a person loses all control of the index finger over the pressing of the “Place Order” button on the F&F website.

As you can see, arthritis has set in from being over used😂

Tasselitis (noun) = Another very common, but highly contageous condition, whereby a large number of tassels have been purchased by an individual….. ***WARNING*** this condition has no known cure.

Courtesy of club member and my crazy friend, Sarah Burton

Fenvy (noun) = Something all faddicts should avoid at all costs. Don’t ever be fenvious, but rejoice in your fellow faddicts wonderful taste.

Bran Tan (noun) = The white tan marks that will inevitably be left on your feet from wearing the Brancasters, all summer long.

As the tan appears, so do the white bits

Jag Chat (noun) = term of endearment for the Jaguar Chatham II purse. Another term for this cute little purse is “The Mini Tardis” on account of just how much fits in one.


The Swish (verb) action and sound created by the boot tassels whilst walking. Something your fellow boot sisters enjoy congratulating you for.

Courtesy of club member and friend, Helen Gibbs

The Flat Lay (noun) the laying of an outfit in an artistic or decorative way in order to photograph said garments for display purposes.

Artitstic is key

The Blue Box Tower (noun) the lengths or indeed height a faddict will go to to display their collections.

Sarah Burton, you’ve got a tower twice as tall as you.

Blue Box Delivery (phrase) = Used by all members of the club. This phrase will be used by one member to alert all of her F&F sisters of an impending delivery of something gorgeous.

Klarna (company) = Best friend and facilitator for all addicts who can’t wait to save up to buy a product. Or who adore to own, but are on a tight budget

DPD Drivers (courier drivers) The ultimate Hero. Every Faddicts hero. Our knights in shining armour. The wonderful people who provide the safe delivery of all of our beloved blue boxes. Some faddicts are on first name terms with their heroes.

F&F Team without whom our faddiction would not be. The people who work tirelessly to ensure our fappiness, each and every day.

Accessories #4

When everything has to match. Part 2.

Suede Boot Tassels £20

So, in the first part of this blog we looked at matching boot tassels to various other accessories. This time I’ll be taking you through matching them to multi coloured garments, giving another dimension to your wardrobe, and your look. It’s easy to put an outfit together and pick out a main colour. For example; we have all matched red tassels to a red top, or blue tassels to a blue jacket, but are there any other options? The answer to that question is yes, lots.

Let us start with the easiest garment. Florals. In this case floral Tops and T-shirts. You always have the base background colour, but what about the colours in the flowers. Have you thought of picking out a colour in the flowers? Some are blindingly obvious, but if you look carefully, you can pick other shades out too, subtle differences in petals, or leaves.

Simple selections in this Ted Baker top.

Quite simple. The yellow of the butterflies. Pinks in the flowers. Greens in the leaves. Teamed with a pair of jeans, any of these tassels can enhance your outfit.

Or how about this top. The obvious bright blue stripe, but there is also baby blue petals surrounding the purple and pinks. There is a tiny touch of yellow just popping up as well.

Blues and pinks, with a touch of mustard. All in this Joules top.

Is it just flowers and leaves that you see, or can you go a stage further? Again, yes you can.

Blues and pinks are the main colours in these Joules tops. But look closer.

This blue top has noticeable navy and yellow, but look at the blue flower detail, two more shades of blue are in the print. The bottom picture is quite another story. Four shades of pink, two greens, a yellow, but also the brown of the twigs. Any of these tassels can work well.

Chocolate, Mustard or Tan. Just three to match this Snaffle Bit Layla Shirt by
Yellow Hunting Layla Shirt by Hartwell, bought from Parnabys Saddlery.

The shirts here are both great for keeping it simple. The snaffle bit having just 3 shades to choose from. Less obvious is the Hunting shirt. With the yellow hue of the background, and the red of the trim. Look closer though, the huntsmen’s jackets. The horses and hounds, all creating an impact.

Mallard Shirt by  Colourful feathers Lydia Shirt by Hartwell Country Wear.

Now let’s step it up a gear. When you see the top shirt you see mallard. Browns & tans of the feathers. Orange feet and yellow bills. What about the characteristic head of rich dark green, or the blue pin feathers in the wings.

Or the very colurful Lydia feathers shirt. Just look at the close up. All of these tassels match the feathers in the shirt, giving you so many options to change a look.  leggings look fab with Explorers.

Sarah Ann Outdoors leggings look fab with Fairfax & Favor Explorers. Perfect for combining with several different tassels. We have the green, grey and chocolate of the check. What about the partridge though. Orange in the wings and face, the cobalt and baby blue of the body and wings.

It really is worth experimenting. You’d be surprised just how many tassels can be used with only one item of clothing. It’s just a case of matching what you have with clothes in your wardrobe. Have a play about; even picking out tiny pops of colour in a top can change it’s whole appearence when tassels are added to your boots.

Well that’s it for part 2. The third and final part of this matching tassels blog will be coming soon.

I hope I have given you some inspiration to have a try of something new. Until next time always remember to Be Happy. Stay Happy, and most of all Have fun. Stay safe, and take care

Annette XxX

Accessories #4

When everything has to match. Part one.

#fairfaxandfavor #clarehaggasfineart #hicksandbrown

The most sublime and quintessentially English accessory.

When we talk about accessories, I think everyone agrees, it’s got to match. Whether it’s footwear and handbag, or a scarf to match an outfit. We all do it. The Fairfax and Favor fan will go one better though. Boot tassels. Yes boot tassels also need to match, and what a myriad of colours there are to choose from. For me though, I go a further step; I match my Clare Haggas scarves to the boot tassels. It may have something to do with me having OCD, I seriously freak out over these things. They have to make sense to me, or I become quite uncomfortable about it.

An incredible splash of colour. Suede Boot Tassels.

I even go to the extent of matching my scarves and boot tassels to hats. Whether that’s a baseball cap, fedora or a beret. I need them to match to feel comfortable, and I know I am not alone in this. Accessories are what can change a very plain outfit into something quite outstanding, with just adding that little splash of colour. More than that though; these little hints of colour can also change your self image, thereby improving on a persons confidence, it’s that simple.

Bright and vibrant colours have the capacity to make us smile. To lift your mood, by producing feel good endorphins. Colours can evoke a variety of moods, from a relaxed serene emotion to hightened energy levels.

So, where to start. When choosing what colour tassels to match one of my silk scarves, I first pick out the predominate colour, then look at the border colours, finally picking out colours from the main subject. I was astonished by just how many matches there are for just one scarf. When choosing which colours to go for, it is also worth thinking about what the outfit is, where you intend to wear it, and of course what season we are in.

(Left to Right Top) Mulberry Best in Show, Tantalizing Teal, Navy Best in Show. (Left to Right Bottom) Cream Wing & a Prayer, Khaki Game On, Cobalt & Cream Kingfishers

As you can see by the above images, you can pick out at least six colours if not more from each of the scarves. You can see the red, green and blue of the pheasant. The grey, tans, and browns of the partridge. The orange, cobalt and aquamarine of the Kingfisher.

(Left to Right Top) Magenta George & Friends, Pluming Marvellous, Baby Pink Just Haring Around (Left to Right Bottom) Pigeon George & Friends, Navy Walk on the Wild Side, Green Turf War

The most unlikliest of colours can be picked out too, and used to match up with the tassels, but there are times when choosing just one is not as easy as you’d like it to be. Do you opt for the purple or midnight blue, from the border of ‘George & Friends’. The vibrant pink of the thistles in both ‘Just Haring Around’ and ‘Walk on the Wild Side’. The tiny bit of chocolate brown from the Pheasant wings on ‘Turf War’.

The most exquisite scarf has a be ‘Pluming Marvellous’ with it’s full kaleidoscope of vibrant shades to select.

Rampaging Russet Turf War

There are those that are blindingly obvious as well. Keeping it simple also works to completely change the overall look.

Mulberry Mayhem. The first of Clare Haggas’s Limited Edition Scarves

Whether you keep it subtle or go for flamboyance. Whether it’s to go to the races or out in the field, you can add that touch of class with these matching accessories. Or even now during these crazy days, I get dressed up with matching accessories, just to pick up my groceries from the supermarket Click & Collect. Or as it is fondly coming to be known as; “Dressing Up for Essential Journeys”

Whilst in lockdown, I decided to get all of my accessories out. Laid them all out on my bed and began to have fun with the scarves, tassels hats etc. It certainly passed a couple of hours, quite literally.

Suffolk Fedoras Signature Baseball Caps Pure Wool Berets

Hats are an important part of my wardrobe, and I am very rarely seen without one. My small collection is a ‘work in progress’, but already I am able to pick various tassels to match up to them, thus completing a look. The berets are easy, one hat = one colour of tassels. With the baseball caps you pick the hat colour and yellow stitch detailing, one hat = two colours of tassels. The fedoras, well that’s a whole different story; just like with the scarves, you can pick out a variety of tassels.

Wool Berets Tassels The Baby Pink bought from @Parnabys Saddlery and Burgundy
Burgundy (gifted), Navy and Green Signature Caps, and Tassels Navy, Burgundy, Forest Green and Mustard.
Suffolk Fedoras (both bought from http://www.millbryhill). Tassels Gold, Grey, Tan, Chocolate, Navy, Aquamarine, and Burgundy.

Just picking out the shades in the feathers can make all the difference to an outfit.

So, this is just a glimpse at matching accessories to complete a look. The buck doesn’t stop there though. With a bit of imagination, the sky is the limit. Pick the obvious or play with the less so. Mixing textures and colours together is as much fun as you want it to be. Just wear yours with pride.

Well that’s it for the first part of this “matchy matchy” blog. In the next part, I’ll match tassels to clothes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little journey into a world of colour. See you all soon, and remember; Stay Happy, Be Happy and most of all Have fun. Stay safe, stay home and protect the NHS🌈💙

How Fairfax fans are surviving lockdown.

The perfect quote from the Fairfax and Favor showroom.

During these unprecedented times, and as a result of lockdown, it is so important to keep ones morale up. Members of the Fairfax and Favor Club on Facebook are no exception. Posting their wonderful collections, their new purchases and outfit inspirations, the club has become quite a social community. With new friendships being made, and experiences shared, the club has certainly come into it’s own.

A privilege that only club members have access to🤫

Helped along the way with the introduction of the devine new S/S 2020 collections, which we have all been chomping at the bit to get, and there is still more to follow shortly. The guys at F&F have pulled out all the stops to bring us together, and get us talking. #getbritaintalking.

As a group and club we are all doing “our bit” too, as each time you buy, 10% of the money from your purchase is going straight to the NHS charities. What a wonderful thing for F&F to do, but lets face it, that’s what makes this brand so special to us all.

Check out the website for availability.

Throughout all walks of life, from the all important NHS staff and key workers (to whom we are all eternally greatful💙💙💙), to those of us who are safe indoors. Whether we have a good salary, or (like myself) have to save hard or buy via Klarna, we all have this one thing in common; we are passionate about Fairfax & Favor. Regardless of if we have 10 pairs of boots, or one purse, we are proud of our own purchases.

One of the most important emails any Fairfax & Favor fan loves to receive. There are always plenty shown on the club’s posts.

From that first purchase. We have all started with just one pair of shoes or boots, one bag, belt or purse. Then creeps in a pair of tassels, and so it begins….you are hooked. The Fairfax and Favor mantra for so many of us is, “Once you shop, You can’t stop”. Now though, we have become excited for each other.

It has to match. With so many colours of tassels to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice, and never short of ones to match to outfits. A lot of the members have very impressive collections, but will always find a place for one or two new pairs.

A perfectly matched outfit. Navy Amiras with Burgundy tassels and Cap, to go with a Burgundy Sweatshirt, and dark jeans.

Krystal,(who is new to F&F; is already matching tassels to clothes). It’s a wonderful group, everyone so nice and inspiring and it’s even lovely everyone praises everyone’s outfits and gives advise and shows there own styles it great!! So very happy to be a part of things 😍

This is my first pair of Regina’s I’ve seen so many around and thought I’d match mine with my Musto Skeet vest, I’m very proud of how they’ve turned out and that I’m now apart of a family. I don’t look at it like a group more lots of friends with the same interests xx

“This is my first pair of Reginas. I’ve seen so many around and thought I’d match mine with my Musto Skeet vest. I’m very proud of how they’ve turned out and that I’m now a part of a family. I don’t look at it like a group more lots of friends with the same interests xx”

Claire Louise. Another lady who loves to have things matching. Unable to find the mini Windsor to match her Hemsbys, decided to reach out to another group member, thus proving you only have to ask. That is the beauty of the club.

I have been after a Coral or Tangerine Mini for months. I asked this lovely lady who posted a pic if she wanted to sell hers. I told her how much I wanted one and that I had bought the Hemsbys and never managed to get the mini. She said I needed it more than her. So kind. Cheered me up during lockdown xx

“I have been after a Coral or Tangerine Mini for months. I asked this lovely lady who posted a pic if she wanted to sell hers. I told her how much I wanted one and that I had bought the Helmsbys and never managed to get the mini. She said I needed it more than her. So kind. Cheered me up during lockdown xx”

Audrey. Some members will put outfits together to show on the club’s page, as an inspiration for others. It’s lovely to see how many different combinations crop up on the page. Matching colours, and styles, giving ideas you may not have thought of.

Audrey, the lady who loves to match her accessories. (Some images were taken before lockdown).

Vicky. Resplendent in her leather Reginas, before lockdown and during lockdown. Like most members, because we have to stay in, it doesn’t mean we can’t wear our F&F’s. Just like when we were little girls, we love to dress up.

The advice and support from this amazing group helped me to make my first purchase and I’ve never looked back!

“The advice and support from this amazing group helped me to make my first purchase and I’ve never looked back!”

The Blue Box Obsession. Are collections your thing? There are no shortage of photos within the club. The boxes and their contents, and not forgetting the all important tassels. After all, who could forget them? It doesn’t matter how many, or how few items you have, you will always receive loads of praise from your fellow members, and the all important conversations will organically flow.

The Blue Box obsession is very very real
The now iconic “Blue Box”. Originally the boxes were white, and some of us have at least.

From the Blue Box to it’s content. One thing I love, is when members post a photo of their collections. Not just laid out, but like here, in a wonderful display. The pride is palpable.

Ellie Mae.I love Fairfax and Favor for their continuous quality and variety of products, my favourite definitely has to be the Explorers because they are so versatile and can dress up or down even sludge through mud and cow poo and then simply just wash off with hosepipe thank you x

Ellie Mae’s pride and joy. Her wonderful collection, which I have no doubt will continue to grow.

Ali Being part of ‘the club’ has made me feel less of a freak tbh. I have had a love of F&F boots since the first pair that my husband bought me (Tan Reginas). I find the support, and positivity, from everyone so empowering. We don’t dash anyone… and the best bit is that you don’t need to be a twiglet model to actually look and feel good in a pair of F&F boots xx

Ali’s collection thus far. Impressive isn’t it?

The all important accessory… The Boot Tassel. This is another item whereby we all have something in common. It will all start with just one pair, but we all know ‘From little acorns, mighty oaks grow’ so it is the same with tassel collections. We are all guilty of encouragement on this score. The inevitable “Oh! Go on, get them” comment will crop up, time and again. But with such myriad of colours to choose from, it’s hard to resist.

Just a few members’ collections. Our very own rainbows of hope🌈

We have even started getting our pets involved. Just to cheer each other up, and break the monotony of the lockdown days, I’ve noticed we’ve started to see what our pets look like in the Signature cap and I am no exception, even putting matching scarves on my two… “they all look quite dashing if truth be told”.

Top left Miss Polly. Bottom left Alf. Championing my baseball caps and Clare Haggas scarves. Just couldn’t resist adding the two fashion icons on the right.

Finally:- To the unsung heroes, who are keeping us all talking, and brightening our days…. The DPD drivers. These wonderful courier drivers are often overlooked as regards Covid-19. Yes they deliver our fabulous purchases all of the time, but now we are mentioning them in our posts. Without these guys our long days would be a lot longer. So hats off to the key workers.

Our lovely courier drivers. Let us give these guys a round of applause. It’s because of the DPD drivers, we wouldn’t be talking so much.

I’d like to thank all members involved in this blog for their photos, and their comments. It just goes to show how much we do have in common. So come on people, let’s keep talking.

Until next time, always remember Be happy. Stay happy, and most of all Have fun.

Happy Easter one and all. Stay safe, and stay home🌈. Let’s do our best to help the NHS💙💙💙

Annette XxX

Looking for a colourful shirt?..The Layla… Hartwell Country Wear.

The place to go for a shirt that’s just that little bit different.

There are many brands of country style shirts available throughout social media and online, so why did I choose to go with this one in particular? I was caught first of all by their slogan “Live well. Dress well. Hartwell” So I was intrigued, and needed to take a look.

Layla Printed Shirts. Top Left to Right – Pheasant, Navy Beetles, Colourful Stags. Bottom Left to Right – Snaffle Bit, Hedgehog, Robin. £64.99 each

These gorgeous shirts are 100% cotton satin, so feel beautifully soft on the skin. Slim fitting, they accentuate your figure really well. Bright and vibrant, I believe they are that little bit unique. That is one of the reasons I chose Hartwell.

Layla White Snaffle Bit. (kindly gifted)

So, my first encounter with the Layla shirt was when I was very kindly gifted this beautiful snaffle shirt. I was so excited to receive it. On first impression, I thought how nicely it was presented, showing the cuff of one sleeve. The proof though was when it came to trying it on. It felt so soft and silky on my skin.

Each shirt has colour contrast detailing.

When it comes to setting itself apart from other print shirts, it has to be the special touches. Each Layla shirt has colour contrasting from the collar to the cuffs. So if you wear your cuffs down and you have a bit of piping. However turn it back for a whole different look. The finer part is the cute little covered button at the neck. “It’s just the little things”

Turning the tables to plain with pattern contrast.

If the printed shirts are a tad too bold for you, then how about reversing things. You can also get the Layla in plain with patterned detailing, and also sweet Mr Fox poking his head out of the breast pocket to say hello. There really is something for everyone.

Discretion is very important to Hartwells.

When it comes to ‘attention to detail’ then Hartwell have even thought this one through. If like me you are by no means lacking in the ‘boob department’☺, and avoid wearing shirts due to the button gape, then worry ye not. You will find a couple of what look like back to front buttons near the breast area. They are in fact “modesty buttons”. Bringing the shirt closer closure where it is needed. What a brilliant idea.

I can catagorically say I am thrilled to bits with this British styled brand. Not only does it look great, it feels great. It washes exceptionally well at 30°. I would and will most certainly recommend Hartwell Country Wear ‘Layla’ shirts, but don’t just take my word for it, check them out for yourself

Coloured Stags. How gorge is this one?
How about this one? Bright and Bold, the devine Beetles design.
Cute Robins. Bright yet subtle all in one shirt.

I hope I’ve given you an insight into this fab brand that I for one will be sticking with.

Until next time, always remember, Be happy, Stay happy and most of all Have fun

See you all soon

Annette XxX

Are you Cheltenham ready?

….and we’re under starter’s orders.

As the Cheltenham Festival fast approaches, I thought I’d share a few ideas for outfits that I’d like to wear, if I were lucky enough to go. All of these using my favourite brands, some of whom I am fortunate enough to be an ambassador for.

My favourite brands, and Collaborations

With less than a week to go, I’ll be compiling six outfits. Some images taken from the brands’ websites, a few flat lays and a couple being worn from my own wardrobe. These outfits have all been put together ‘in reverse’. Rather than planning accessories around the clothes, I’m thinking outside the box and putting the clothes planned to complement the accessories.

Three accessories in fact. Can you guess what they are? From head to toe…

These three brands are synonymous with Cheltenham. You only have to look on social media to see a myriad of photographs of ladies standing in front of the statue of ‘Best Mate’, wearing at least one, if not all of these wonderful accessories. All three can be matched together quite easily too. The burning question is; what colour to go for.

So, without further ado, let’s get cracking with some knock out combinations. Outfits fit for Cheltenham.

Tweed anyone? The ultimate classic country attire. With so many brands to choose from, I have picked out just three. From fabulous ‘made to measure’ to high quality ‘ready to wear’, tweed is definately a winner, all three of these being ‘British made’ brands. Leger & Oaks, Holland Cooper and Dubarry.

The first of my chosen outfits, showcasing items mostly from my own wardrobe, with a couple of additions that would look great in my wardrobe.

🐴Navy Suffolk Fedora – 🐴 Mist Blackthorn long jacket and Blue Sunflower Linen Skirt – 🐴 Pluming Marvellous Classic Scarf – 🐴 Black High Neck Shirt – 🐴 Navy Loxley Handbag and Navy Flat Amira Boots –
Direct from my wardrobe.

The second of my outfits shows the classic white jeans and Faifax & Favor combo. A comination there will be no shortage of at Chelt’, but here is my chosen variation.

🐴Maroon Suffolk Fedora – 🐴Magenta George & Friends Classic Scarf – 🐴Red Check Bouclé Jacket – Very 🐴Red Zip Front Blouse – 🐴 White Jeans – River Island 🐴Alice Croc Print Handbag –
Looks very colourful doesn’t it? Wait until you see it on. It works quite well.

Outfit three. Why not try a tea dress? Teamed up with my favourite accessories. Some items I have. The others I need to add to my wardrobe at some point.

🐴Navy Best in Show Classic Scarf – 🐴Navy Suffolk Fedora – 🐴Navy Print Tea Dress – 🐴The Highcliff Tan Handbag & Tan Rockinghams –
As I don’t currently own any Rockinghams yet, for the purpose of this flatlay, I’ve incorporated my Tan Reginas & Baby Blue Tassels

So, onto outfit four. Tans and browns, with a contrast of green. Debuting my fabulous new Shirt gifted from Hartwell Clothing, and my gorgeous Tweed Skirt from Leger & Oaks.

🐴Camel Suffolk Fedora 🐴Gilet – 🐴Layla Snaffle Bit Shirt (Gifted) – 🐴Khaki Game On Large Scarf – 🐴Brown Elizabeth Handbag – Tan Check Tweed Newmarket Skirt – Tan Sporting Fit Reginas –
With the addition of chocolate tassels, I think this outfit is complete

For my fifth outfit, I picked out one of the colours in the check of this tweed skirt to compliment the accessories.

🐴Brown Suffolk Fedora – 🐴Navy Jacket – 🐴Tantalising Teal Classic Scarf – 🐴Camel Buttoned Roll Neck Jumper & Mid Blue Chelsea Skirt – Chocolate Windsor Bag & Mahogany Leather Reginas –
I then reconsidered the accent colours, choosing the russet instead, and low and behold, the skirt has a rust colour running through it.

Last, but by no means least, my final choice. Showing here that jeans can be dressed up to look perfect for a day at the races.

🐴Maroon Suffolk fedora – 🐴Mulberry Mayhem Classic Scarf – 🐴Black Double Breasted Jacket – by Pierce II Fionda 🐴Pink Starflower Shirt – 🐴Jeans – 🐴Tan Mini Windsor & Oxblood Apsley Loafers –
I just adore the way the Fedora, Scarf and Loafers all match. Add a hint of pale pink and bingo.

There you go, six outfits I would love to wear to Cheltenham, with a few bits needed to complete the looks. Good things come to those who wait anyway.

“But wait”, I hear you say, “what about photos of you wearing these outfits”. In fairness, I decided to save that part until last. All six outfits, so here you go.👇

Outfit #1. Well at least some of it. Still looks good though doesn’t it? Oh, and as I can’t have my Amiras until 18th, I’m wearing my Reginas.
I’m really quite pleased with how this one turned out.
Once again, to show this outfit off, I wore my Reginas.
Ok, so how good do I feel in this? Isn’t it fab?
Miss Polly got quite annoyed with me for standing in the way of the TV while she was watching Crufts. Yes, she was watching it.
Last on the list. Fairfax & Favor Apsleys are comfy enough to wear all day, so would be perfect for standing all day at the races.

So, these are my choices, from my own wardrobe, to give you alternative ideas for “A Day at the Races” for when you are on a limited budget. Hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Until next time, as always, be happy, stay happy and most of all have fun.

Annette. XxX

Accessories #3

Stepping out in style… Fairfax and Favor

    Quintessential country style.

Marilyn Monroe once said “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” When I discovered Fairfax and Favor, that famous quote, for me, certainly came into fruition.

The epitome of luxury country footwear, Fairfax and Favor, another English brand that just screams quality. A brand that has become so well known over the past, almost, six years of existance. Started by two gentlemen from Norfolk; school friends Marcus Fairfax Fountaine and Felix Favor Parker. I wonder if they knew then, that their prospective middle names would become part of everyday life for so, so many.

You don’t have to go far to see someone wearing the uber gorgeous footwear. In the field, in the city, at the races; a huge variety of people are to be seen wearing one style or another. Why? Simply because they are incredibly stylish.

For me, what started as buying “just one pair”, has ended up as being quite an addiction. An obsession; but one that wouldn’t affect my health, just my bank balance😫. In all honesty though, I would much rather pay more for something that I know will last me a lifetime if looked after.

The collection……… up to now

The first pair I got were the Mahogany leather reginas. In the style of the classic Spanish riding boots, I was so excited about them. I’d seen them on an episode of Emmerdale of all places, and thought “Hmmm”🤔, I wonder”. After a lot of Googling, Facebooking and Instagramming, I found them. I needed a pair. So I saved up, and I bought a pair.

Mahogany Leather Reginas. £335 Rose Gold Limited Edition tassels £20

The next step was to accessorize my boots, which could only mean one thing…..tassels. In a myriad of the most sumptuous colours, the tassels can change the look of any outfit. In fact, I wear mine to match other accessories, especially my silk scarves and fedoras.

From left to right… Tangerine, Pink, Purple, Porto Blue, Baby Blue and Forest Green.

You would have thought I’d be content wouldn’t you? Not a chance. I started to covet the tan suede Reginas. Now I do have quite chunky calf muscles, and so sporting fit was the way to go. I’d sized up on the mahogany, but with these I could get my regular size. Perfect. They are so comfortable.

Flat Sporting Fit Tan Suede Reginas. £325 Baby Pink Tassels £20

My passion for Fairfax was born. Nothing now could stop me. I had to have a pair of shoes, but which to go for? They are all beautiful. I decided on the Apsley loafers. Smart enough to dress up, yet casual enough to dress down with jeans. I chose the navy, and how glad I am that I did.

Navy Apsley Loafers £185

I was also fortunate enough to get another pair of Apsleys in the sale. This time in Oxblood. The way I think of describing the fit of these wonderful shoes is “Fit like gloves, and feel like slippers”.

Not only do Fairfax and Favor make long boots, ankle boots are also within their range, and my choice with these were the Chelsea Boots. In lush chocolate, rich and dark. True to size, these boots can feel a little narrow across the foot, but I just wore them around the house a few times, until they ‘relaxed’. Now they fit perfectly.

The Chelsea Boots. These have now changed to incorprate brogue detailing. £200

I love the way you can wear them with jeans, or trousers, or why not with a summer dress, when summer finally arrives of course.

Now I’m only just over 5’2″, and was wondering whether I would look rediculous in the Amiras. So, I ordered a pair in the recent sale, safe in the knowledge that if they were not suitable, I could return them. I was fortunate enough to buy the last pair in my size. In truth, they looked fabulous. A definate keeper. Thus becoming another pair to the ever increasing collection.

There are a number of ladies who take part in the Facebook ‘Fairfax and Favor Club’ who are also, like myself, vertically challenged and have wondered about the Amiras. I do hope I have dispelled their anxiety.

Flat Amiras £395

You may have noticed each pair I have are all flat rather than heeled. This is because I have a chronic condition that affects my mobility and causes me immense pain. I have four pairs of boots, and two pairs of shoes. The first time I have ever had this amount of the same brand. To me this is a testimony of just how easy Fairfax and Favor are to wear, and just how comfortable, and believe me I can wear them all day.

That is my collection thus far. There will most definately be more additions in the near future. With such an amazing choice, it’s hard to decide which to go for next.

Finally to accompany all the footwear they have a stunning array of handbags and purses. There is then of course the gents collection, but that will have to wait for another time😘.

That’s it for now. I do hope you’ve enjoyed this blog. Until next time remember; be happy, stay happy and most of all have fun.

Bye for now. See you all soon

Annette. XxX

Exciting News

Creators of fabulous made to measure, and ready to wear British made tweed clothing.

I have the great pleasure of announcing my collaboration with Leger & Oaks Luxury British made clothing; becoming their new brand ambassador.

A fabulous range of made to measure, and ready to wear, high quality Yorkshire tweed, Harris tweed and Scottish tartan clothing.

Made to Measure coats, jackets and capes.

The ready to wear collection includes wraps and capes, skirts and shorts.

Ready to Wear capes and wraps. With or without fur detailing.
Stunning mini skirts or a cheeky little pair of shorts.

If you prefer something a bit more casual, Leger & Oaks have a great selection of Sweatshirts and Hoodies too.

Sweatshirts and Hoodies.

…but this is just a taster of what’s to come.

A full review will be written soon, so watch this space.

In the meantime, follow us both as we grow together.

Until next time, be happy, stay happy and most of all have fun.

Annette. XxX