Clare Haggas Scarves; How do you tie yours?

Firstly, let’s talk sizes.      Clare’s scarves start with a 30×30cm Pocket Square which is perfect on your handbag as a twilly. Then we have the Medium Square, which is 50×50cm, an ideal neck scarf and more. The Narrow Scarf, measuring 100×30cm, such a lovely size. The Classic Scarf at 153×43cm, one of the most popular. Then finally the Large Square coming in at 100×100cm. A perfect size for so many styles.

Clockwise from top. Pluming Marvellous Classic. Liquorice Hold Your Horses Narrow. Sage Catch & Release Medium Square. Cream Turf War Pocket Square. Russet Monochrome Large Square

So, you have the scarves, but how to wear them? That’s the question. There are many ways to tie a scarf instead of just draping it round your neck.   Hopefully, this blog will give you a few ideas; some well known, but maybe one or two that are just that little bit different.

I’ll start with the pocket square, then work my way up to the large square.   Giving you step by step photos and guides to help you along.

The Pocket Square. Ideal to be used as a twilly on your handbag, but how would you attach yours?   You can tie it on, right?  Silk can easily slip undone though, and what a travisty it would be for it to loosen and fall off.   There is a simple solution, one you may not have thought of…. a hair bobble/hair tie.

By securing your small square with the aid of a hair tie, not only are you lessening the risk of losing the square, but you get to see more of it’s beauty.

Fold the square corner to corner to give an even finish. Thread it through the hair tie, then fold the scarf in half. Place the tie under your bag handle then, pull the scarf through. Pulling the tie tightly will secure your scarf in place.
Displaying your in all it’s glory

Another way to adorn your bag is with a bow.  Now to tie a bow with a small pocket square and still have it looking good would be diffucult to acheive, so once again, this is where a hair tie comes in handy.

Fold the square as before to form a long narrow strip. Make two loops and two tails, by crossing the equal lengths of the square over one another. Secure with a doubled hair tie. Secure onto your bag as shown in the previous demo. This time though it is a little more tricky as the tie needs to be stretched more.

Of course, as it’s name suggests, it can be worn in your pocket, and a lot of men can be seen wearing them in a breast pocket of a jacket, so why not we women, but, they are also just large enough to wear around your neck.

Simply tied like a bandana

Now let us move on to the bigger, medium square. Introduced at the request of several of Clare’s customers.

Once again, this square can be worn as a bandana around your neck, but it equally makes a fabulous headband, being the perfect size for one.

Folded in half to form a triangle, the medium can be worn very nicely around your neck

Securing the scarf with a hair tie gives you a fully adjustable headband, to be worn in a number of ways. With the tied part hidden under your hairline, or on top of your head. To turn this into a “knot” simply tuck the loose ends in.

Using a hair tie to make a headband

Moving on, we have the very popular narrow scarf. As the name suggests, it is a slimline scarf. A favourite little gem in a lot of our wardrobes.

A simple knot to the side. Or why not tuck the knotted end in your top and make a roll neck effect

With this one, I began to wonder about wearing it in my hair, but didn’t want to tie the scarf into a bow around my hair. So once again my little friend the hair tie stepped in and I was able to create a bow for my hair

Create your own hair accessory
Twist the tie into two. Then thread the scarf (folded lengthways) through. Form the bow as you would normally. I find putting the hair tie ‘off centre’ creates a more even bow. Use the tie to secure to your hair.

Moving swiftly along, we come to the scarf, which in my opinion, is the most popular and most versitile. The classic. There are so many ways this practical sized scarf can be used. I tend to wear my classic scarves a lot more than the other sizes. It is the perfect size to do so much with.

The figure of eight choker. The pussy bow. Slotted through loop. The side cross.
Gucci inspired handbag glamour.

The figure of eight choker is so easy to achieve. It can add that touch of class to any outfit, and if worn for an evening, how elegant to leave the loose ends cascading down the back of your neck

Start by making a loop. Cross the underneath end over the top end, then pull through to form a type of knot. Pull both ends back and secure. This is worn over the throat, with the ends at the back.

Adding one of Clare’s amazing scarf rings to your collection definately gives you more scope to create different styles. The cross design of the ring can be used in a variety of ways, from threading the ends of the scarf through to gather it without having to tie it, to making a sweet ‘pussy bow’.

I find the easiest way to thread the ring onto your scarf is to pull the halved loop through from bottom to top, then slip it over my head, rather than to try the more fiddly way of threading the loose ends through.
To create the bow, pull a loop.of scarf through the side openings of the ring. Once both sides are threaded, you can then adjust the loops to suit you.
To form a cross, take a loose end and push through the side of the ring from the left. Take the other end of the scarf and thread through from the top of the ring to make the crossed pattern. This is great for if you want the scarf to drape over a shoulder.
Glam up your bag with this Gucci inspired look. Knot one end of your scarf to the bottom left of the bag’s handle. Then twist the length of the scarf evenly around the handle repeating to the right bottom, then tie a similar knot at that end.

Last but by no means least we come to the large square. Another amazing sized scarf that has so many and varied uses. With this scarf, I was able to get quite creative, and I dare say I’ll have more styles to add at some point.

The easiest ways to wear the large square. Firstly, harking back to the early eighties and the ‘new wave’ movement. Then tie the loose ends across the main body of it. Or why not wear as a tie. Or maybe even a bow.

I do however have some more ideas to share with you. I’m sure you’d like to give them a go, being a little bit different, but easy to achieve.

Here are a few more ways with the large square. The Boy Scout. The cowl neck. The crossed knot and The Barley twist

Both the boy scout, and the cowl neck required the use of a hair tie. By halving the scarf on the diagonal to make a large triangle, bring the two ends together and secure with a twisted hair tie. Pulled up with the tails at the front, looking like a boy scout, or loosen it off, turn it round so the point is at the front, and hey presto, you have turned it into a cowl neck.

Use a hair tie for the boy scout or cowl neck

The crossed knot and barley twist I came across just by messing about.

For the crossed knot, from a triangle keep folding over, point innermost to form a long thin scarf. Make a loop hanging down. Bring the bottom end over the top, then under the loop. Bring the top end under the top then over the loop. This forms a crossed knot. Slip over your head then adjust to suit.

The barley twist I think speaks for itself. It looks so nice as an alternative way to wear a scarf, or instead of wearing a necklace. This is another method that uses the longest length of the scarf by going corner to corner

To make the scarf longer, first join corner to corner. Continue to fold in on itself until you have a long narrow strip. Take each end of the scarf and twist in opposite directions to one another. The more you twist, the better. Now bring both ends together and watch the magic happen. The scarf will twist in on itself to form a barley twist. To put it on, just pop round your beck and slip the ends through the loop.

So there you have it. A few ways to wear or attach your fabulous Clare Haggas scarves. Why not play around with yours and see if you can come up with other ways to use them.

I hope you have found this blog of some use to you. As I think up more, I will add them to another post, so they are all catalogued in one place.

Have fun experimenting, but most of all enjoy your pieces of pure decadence.

Until next time, always remember, Be Happy, Stay Happy and most of all Have Fun. Stay safe.

Annette XxX

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