Reviews:- The Brancaster

The Brancaster

Though we are heading headlong into Autumn and “boot weather” let us not put away these little treasures just yet.  There will no doubt be a few sunny days left to enjoy them, before they go into hibernation.

These super sandals are everything you could want for the warm hazy days and balmy evenings of summer.

The sandals by Fairfax and Favor, that really are like no others. Yes we have had toe posts, we have had ankle straps, and even built in heels, but has there ever been all three combined in one shoe?     The simple answer is….No.    Throw a zip back with iconic tassel into the mix and ‘Hey Presto’ enter “The Brancaster” stage left..

Raspberry Brancasters Ā£135

A lot of ladies are put off these because of the toe post, but rest assured, they really are so comfortable. I believe it is down to the fact that that the ankle strap draws the foot away from having full pressure on the toes.

Such comfortable, practical sandals; I have spent most of the summer in mine, and will almost certainly be adding to them next year.

Dressed up or down, the versitilty of these delightful little sandals knows no bounds.  Perfect with jeans, but looking equally as good with a floaty floral dress. They really are the ideal footwear for any occasion.    It’s easy to see why so many fans of Fairfax & Favor choose them; but don’t just take my word for it, I’d like some of the lovely ladies of the Fairfax and Favor Club group to let you know what they think.

Ladies, it’s over to you…

First to put her best foot forward is….Helen.

The perfect summer sandal.

HELEN…“Fell in love with the Brancaster’s last year, but being new to the brand wanted to try them on first, but never got the chance, so they were definately on my list for 2020. They certainly did not disappoint; comfy and stylish, everything that you would expect them to be and more! The perfect staycation footwear and will definately be one for holidays abroad.”

Perfect for summer by the sea
“Comfy and stylish”

Who’s next? A fan of the two toned colours.   Shall we ask Loren what she thinks? Loren, your turn….

LOREN….“These have to be the comfiest and most fashionable sandal around.     I’ve yet to find an outfit they don’t finish! Firm staples in the wardrobe…!”

Somebody likes the two tone, eh?
The two tone. Tan/Navy and LE Tan/Raspberry.

The two tone versions proved to be very popular this year. Often selling out as soon as they hit the website. The Rasberry/tan being a Limited Edition.

Grrrr! How about a bit of Jaguar?

The other Limited Edition for this year was the Haircalf Jaguar. These too were flying out as soon as they hit the website. There are some left, but when they are gone, they’re gone.     These proved so popular that they were often bought with the various jaguar accessories to really make a statement.

Sping/Summer 2020, apart from being the most surreal time we were having to get used to, didn’t dampen our spirits as the new seasons colour came out. This year being the two ranges in Raspberry and in Khaki.

Spring/Summer colours were a big hit too.

One of the fans of the seasonal colours is Margit.

MARGIT…“Brans are the best! Really want the tan and navy ones in future šŸ¤© but I love my khaki ones too”

Favoured by so many of us, the navy was the “go to” last year, as it has been this year as well. Admittedly, we couldn’t enjoy them as much as we should have done this year, but never the less, we wore them indoors, in the garden, whilst queueing, and queueing some more.

The stalwart navy Brancasters.

DOMINIQUE…”Took mine on their maiden walk around Bristol. 8 miles later not a blister! So comfortable x”

Fan of all things Fairfax & Favor; Steph has the Brancasters in her sights for the future.

STEPH… “One day I’ll be the proud owner of these gorgeous shoes and the Bran Tan that goes with themšŸ˜‚šŸ˜”

(We all know from a previous post what the ‘Bran Tan’ is don’t we? Hahaha).

Last but certainly not least to have her say about the Brancasters, the person who will no doubt end up with a pair in every colour… our Sarah…

Some wonderful Brancaster Flat lays
Where you see Sarah, one of her dogs is bound to be near. Especially this one.

SARAH… The Brancaster….. What can I say?   The perfect summer sandal.     I must agree, as I now have four colours.    For sure not to be missed, as you will have sandals  for life.

The best way to display.

Well, that just about wraps it up for this review. Only one thing remains, and that is to thank each of the club members who contributed:- Helen Gibbs, Loren Wright, Margit Pointer, Debra Staton, Emma Marshall, Pauline Moore, Melanie Styles, Jenny Walker, Dawn Brown, Georgie Clarke, Emma Wilkinson, Dominique Stainton, Alison Macleod, Gemma Robertson, Abby Cowlan, Lorna Oakley, Jane Axtell, Liz Waine, Steph Cresswell, Julie West, and the wonder that is Sarah Burton. Thank-you all ladies, very much.šŸ˜˜

So, there you go, the review of the Brancasters is complete.

Hope you enjoy it. Until next time, always remember to Be Happy, Stay Happy and most of all Have Fun. Stay safe.

Annette   XxX

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