Review:- the Burghley Reginas

The Limited Edition Burghley Reginas.

With the cancellation this year of most annual sporting events due to Covid, including the most wonderful Burghley Horse trials, Fairfax and Favor still wanted to present us with a Limited Edition product, as would have been sold at the trials. However, this year, I believe they are something to be treasured on every level.

The fabulous Limited Edition Burghley Reginas.

Like a lot of Fairfax and Favor fans, when I first saw these boots on the website, I gave an “um” and an “argh”, and thought to myself, “now does grey and navy really work?” The simple answer to that is yes, it does indeed.

A video was then produced to demonstrate them on the Facebook page, and the sceptical opinions started to change. They looked so much nicer being worn on film.

So, Wednesday came along, with the Earlybird code on the club group, and they started to fly out. Available in both heeled and flat, in the three calf widths, they were there for the taking for all.

I spent the whole of Wednesday to’ing and fro’ing, should I or not. I showed them to my best friend, the guy who lives with me. By late that evening, he had offered to get them for me as a combined Christmas & Birthday 2021 present. At this point they were rapidly selling out. Only three pairs left in a size 5. Still I hesitated. A sleepless night ensued.

Fast track to Thursday lunch time. He had finally convinced me. Yes they are Limited Edition. Yes I would be gutted if I at least didn’t try a pair. So being a true lady, I caved in and accepted.

Size 5’s SOLD OUT, it said…..but; one pair left in regular fit size 6. Just one pair. I knew from the past that a 6 may be Ok. So, I agreed. I went for it. At 12:53 on Thursday, the last pair of 6’s had been purchased, by me.

So Friday morning, and there is a knock at the door. Not my usual driver, but never the less, this very friendly DPD guy had left a big box on the doorstep. The excitement in my house was palpable.

I had been in the process of putting together a flat lay, so this then turned into a full IGTV video of the grand opening. If you’d like to see that my Instagram account is:- (please feel free to follow me, especially as I shall soon have a 2k giveaway up for grabs).

Opening the boxes, the anticipation by this time is electric
My first glimpse. The iconic blue dust bag
Just Wow.

I was certainly by no means disappointed by my first view of them. The colours are so striking, being both rich and deep. The navy is remarkabley vibrant against the grey. I would go as far as to say, quite regal looking, which considering their name is very apt.

The wonderfully shiny hardwear.

The hardwear is just as rich as the suede; beautifully shining gold, adding more class and style. The tassels too are now incorporating the new style fastening, and the zip pull has been lengthened just slightly to accomodate this.

The attention to detail is evident on all the gold detailing, with the latest shield design too.

Heel and elastic. Synonamous with the Reginas.

The elastic back stretches to a width of 5cm giving all calf sizes the opportunity to be catered for. The leather and rubber composite heel and sole are designed to last. In the heeled version you’ll have a 6cm cuban heel of the same materials.

As with all of the Reginas, these boots have the memory foam insole, and you really can wear the boots all day because the insoles are so comfy. This is testiment indeed, as I have a chronic hip condition and walk with a stick. I can, hand on heart wear Reginas all day.

Composite sole. Leather lined.

Leather lined with the now familiar orange leather. Being fully lined, means extra comfort around your legs, plus it helps the boots to keep their shape.

One thing I did notice a lot of ladies and prospective owners were saying, was regards what to wear them with, or which tassels would go with them. I think you are all going to be astonished by just how many tassels do go.

I spent an hour or so trying all of my collection of tassels with them. Only 5 pairs didn’t cut it. Just 5 out of 29 pairs. Yes 24, two dozen could and can be worn with the Burghleys. Surprised? I certainly was.

Never let it be said you can’t wear the myriad of colours with your Burghleys.

So as to sizing. As I said I had hesitated so much I missed out on the size 5’s. Phew thank goodness. Kismet was certainly my best friend that day. I bagged the last pair of size 6 regulars, and they fit perfectly. The zip is tight at present, but as we all know, this becomes easier with wearing.

The last pair in a size 6 regular. I’m in love

So for those of you lucky enough to get a pair, well done. I hope you will cherish them as much as I will.

My only grievence is, they now have to go away for a couple of months. I have to wait for the jolly, fat man dressed in red, to go sky joyriding with his reindeer before I can wear them. Still, I suppose it’s a small price to pay.

So that only leaves me to say, I hope you have enjoyed my little blog.

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Until next time, always remember to Be Happy, Stay Happy, and most of all Have Fun. Stay safe.

Annette XxX

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