Accessories #4

When everything has to match. Part 3.

The third and final part of matching Fairfax & Favor boot tassels with other clothing. In this part, I will be concentrating on my favourite…Tweed. In particular, showing just how many colours can be picked, so therefore I’ll be showing close ups to give you a better idea.

Tweed; usually a wool or wool blend fabric has been woven on looms for centuries,and is regarded as the quintessential English country style, most often made in the UK. Originally worn on the sporting and shooting fields, it is now very much regarded as the style to be seen in if you follow country fashions. Timeless and elegant, especially when worn with the fabulous boot selection by Fairfax and Favor.

Newmarket Skirt Ā£95

There are many types of tweed, in a variety of colourways and weaves, that you really are spoilt for choice. A simple herringbone, through to an elaborate tartan or check tweed, the list is endless.

On first impression, you see the base colour and maybe the check lines that really stand out, but if you look deeper at the weave, more and more colours become apparent.

Blue Linen Herringbone Skirt :- No longer availabe Boot Tassels http://www.faifaxandfavor:- Ā£20 a pair

Let’s start with a basic linen skirt. This herringbone style is very clearly blue, but the closer you look at the blue thread, the more tones you see. With that in mind, I chose (from left to right) Midnight, Sky, Petrol, Cobalt, Porto, Baby and Navy. The full gambit of blues. Each of these will complement this simple skirt.

Check skirt by Mango.

An obvious check is another easy pattern to work with. The tassels here are Chocolate, Tan, Tangerine and Grey. You could of course always add a different dimension by adding other accessories. For example, with the addition of a scarf, you can select other tassels. A Clare Haggas scarf worked well here with Forest Green. scarf

Next on my list is a brown tweed that once again needs to be looked at a lot closer. Little hints you may not at first have spied.

Skirt by Alford Smith

The unmistakable colours here, are brown and pink, but why not chose different pinks. Here we see Chocolate, Raspberry, Magenta and Burgundy Chlesea Skirt in mid blue check Ā£129

This mid blue check clearly shows brown (Chocolate) and orange (Tangerine) running through it, but look closer. The background is herringbone which you can match with Navy, Baby Blue and Grey.

Finally, we have the skirt from the beginning of this blog. The beautiful Newmarket Skirt by Leger and Oaks. A brown check with an array of colour varients. From the base herringbone, to the colourful grid of the check, this skirt is a veritable kaleidoscope to work with. (From left to right) Purple, Hot Pink, Burgundy, Raspberry, Chocolate, Mustard and Tangerine.

Well I think that’s about it for this time. I hope you’ve enjoyed the final part of my tassel trilogy, and how I like to pick out colours to match with boot tassels. Why not experiment.

Please feel free to subscribe to my blog, and stay tuned, as coming shortly, I will be discussing more Fairfax and Favor products, and asking for some followers input. Until then, always remember; Be Happy, Stay Happy and most of all, Have Fun. Stay safe. Bye for now. Annette XxX

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