Accessories #4

When everything has to match. Part 2.

Suede Boot Tassels Ā£20

So, in the first part of this blog we looked at matching boot tassels to various other accessories. This time I’ll be taking you through matching them to multi coloured garments, giving another dimension to your wardrobe, and your look. It’s easy to put an outfit together and pick out a main colour. For example; we have all matched red tassels to a red top, or blue tassels to a blue jacket, but are there any other options? The answer to that question is yes, lots.

Let us start with the easiest garment. Florals. In this case floral Tops and T-shirts. You always have the base background colour, but what about the colours in the flowers. Have you thought of picking out a colour in the flowers? Some are blindingly obvious, but if you look carefully, you can pick other shades out too, subtle differences in petals, or leaves.

Simple selections in this Ted Baker top.

Quite simple. The yellow of the butterflies. Pinks in the flowers. Greens in the leaves. Teamed with a pair of jeans, any of these tassels can enhance your outfit.

Or how about this top. The obvious bright blue stripe, but there is also baby blue petals surrounding the purple and pinks. There is a tiny touch of yellow just popping up as well.

Blues and pinks, with a touch of mustard. All in this Joules top.

Is it just flowers and leaves that you see, or can you go a stage further? Again, yes you can.

Blues and pinks are the main colours in these Joules tops. But look closer.

This blue top has noticeable navy and yellow, but look at the blue flower detail, two more shades of blue are in the print. The bottom picture is quite another story. Four shades of pink, two greens, a yellow, but also the brown of the twigs. Any of these tassels can work well.

Chocolate, Mustard or Tan. Just three to match this Snaffle Bit Layla Shirt by
Yellow Hunting Layla Shirt by Hartwell, bought from Parnabys Saddlery.

The shirts here are both great for keeping it simple. The snaffle bit having just 3 shades to choose from. Less obvious is the Hunting shirt. With the yellow hue of the background, and the red of the trim. Look closer though, the huntsmen’s jackets. The horses and hounds, all creating an impact.

Mallard Shirt by  Colourful feathers Lydia Shirt by Hartwell Country Wear.

Now let’s step it up a gear. When you see the top shirt you see mallard. Browns & tans of the feathers. Orange feet and yellow bills. What about the characteristic head of rich dark green, or the blue pin feathers in the wings.

Or the very colurful Lydia feathers shirt. Just look at the close up. All of these tassels match the feathers in the shirt, giving you so many options to change a look.  leggings look fab with Explorers.

Sarah Ann Outdoors leggings look fab with Fairfax & Favor Explorers. Perfect for combining with several different tassels. We have the green, grey and chocolate of the check. What about the partridge though. Orange in the wings and face, the cobalt and baby blue of the body and wings.

It really is worth experimenting. You’d be surprised just how many tassels can be used with only one item of clothing. It’s just a case of matching what you have with clothes in your wardrobe. Have a play about; even picking out tiny pops of colour in a top can change it’s whole appearence when tassels are added to your boots.

Well that’s it for part 2. The third and final part of this matching tassels blog will be coming soon.

I hope I have given you some inspiration to have a try of something new. Until next time always remember to Be Happy. Stay Happy, and most of all Have fun. Stay safe, and take care

Annette XxX

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