Accessories #4

When everything has to match. Part one.

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The most sublime and quintessentially English accessory.

When we talk about accessories, I think everyone agrees, it’s got to match. Whether it’s footwear and handbag, or a scarf to match an outfit. We all do it. The Fairfax and Favor fan will go one better though. Boot tassels. Yes boot tassels also need to match, and what a myriad of colours there are to choose from. For me though, I go a further step; I match my Clare Haggas scarves to the boot tassels. It may have something to do with me having OCD, I seriously freak out over these things. They have to make sense to me, or I become quite uncomfortable about it.

An incredible splash of colour. Suede Boot Tassels.

I even go to the extent of matching my scarves and boot tassels to hats. Whether that’s a baseball cap, fedora or a beret. I need them to match to feel comfortable, and I know I am not alone in this. Accessories are what can change a very plain outfit into something quite outstanding, with just adding that little splash of colour. More than that though; these little hints of colour can also change your self image, thereby improving on a persons confidence, it’s that simple.

Bright and vibrant colours have the capacity to make us smile. To lift your mood, by producing feel good endorphins. Colours can evoke a variety of moods, from a relaxed serene emotion to hightened energy levels.

So, where to start. When choosing what colour tassels to match one of my silk scarves, I first pick out the predominate colour, then look at the border colours, finally picking out colours from the main subject. I was astonished by just how many matches there are for just one scarf. When choosing which colours to go for, it is also worth thinking about what the outfit is, where you intend to wear it, and of course what season we are in.

(Left to Right Top) Mulberry Best in Show, Tantalizing Teal, Navy Best in Show. (Left to Right Bottom) Cream Wing & a Prayer, Khaki Game On, Cobalt & Cream Kingfishers

As you can see by the above images, you can pick out at least six colours if not more from each of the scarves. You can see the red, green and blue of the pheasant. The grey, tans, and browns of the partridge. The orange, cobalt and aquamarine of the Kingfisher.

(Left to Right Top) Magenta George & Friends, Pluming Marvellous, Baby Pink Just Haring Around (Left to Right Bottom) Pigeon George & Friends, Navy Walk on the Wild Side, Green Turf War

The most unlikliest of colours can be picked out too, and used to match up with the tassels, but there are times when choosing just one is not as easy as you’d like it to be. Do you opt for the purple or midnight blue, from the border of ‘George & Friends’. The vibrant pink of the thistles in both ‘Just Haring Around’ and ‘Walk on the Wild Side’. The tiny bit of chocolate brown from the Pheasant wings on ‘Turf War’.

The most exquisite scarf has a be ‘Pluming Marvellous’ with it’s full kaleidoscope of vibrant shades to select.

Rampaging Russet Turf War

There are those that are blindingly obvious as well. Keeping it simple also works to completely change the overall look.

Mulberry Mayhem. The first of Clare Haggas’s Limited Edition Scarves

Whether you keep it subtle or go for flamboyance. Whether it’s to go to the races or out in the field, you can add that touch of class with these matching accessories. Or even now during these crazy days, I get dressed up with matching accessories, just to pick up my groceries from the supermarket Click & Collect. Or as it is fondly coming to be known as; “Dressing Up for Essential Journeys”

Whilst in lockdown, I decided to get all of my accessories out. Laid them all out on my bed and began to have fun with the scarves, tassels hats etc. It certainly passed a couple of hours, quite literally.

Suffolk Fedoras Signature Baseball Caps Pure Wool Berets

Hats are an important part of my wardrobe, and I am very rarely seen without one. My small collection is a ‘work in progress’, but already I am able to pick various tassels to match up to them, thus completing a look. The berets are easy, one hat = one colour of tassels. With the baseball caps you pick the hat colour and yellow stitch detailing, one hat = two colours of tassels. The fedoras, well that’s a whole different story; just like with the scarves, you can pick out a variety of tassels.

Wool Berets Tassels The Baby Pink bought from @Parnabys Saddlery and Burgundy
Burgundy (gifted), Navy and Green Signature Caps, and Tassels Navy, Burgundy, Forest Green and Mustard.
Suffolk Fedoras (both bought from http://www.millbryhill). Tassels Gold, Grey, Tan, Chocolate, Navy, Aquamarine, and Burgundy.

Just picking out the shades in the feathers can make all the difference to an outfit.

So, this is just a glimpse at matching accessories to complete a look. The buck doesn’t stop there though. With a bit of imagination, the sky is the limit. Pick the obvious or play with the less so. Mixing textures and colours together is as much fun as you want it to be. Just wear yours with pride.

Well that’s it for the first part of this “matchy matchy” blog. In the next part, I’ll match tassels to clothes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little journey into a world of colour. See you all soon, and remember; Stay Happy, Be Happy and most of all Have fun. Stay safe, stay home and protect the NHS🌈💙

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