Accessories #2

When a girl knows how to rock a hat….Hicks & Brown

Maroon Suffolk Fedora Ā£89

The second of my favourite accessories…Fedoras.

In particular the quintessentially Britsh countryside “Hicks & Brown” fedoras. Created in 2014, by two sisters, Rosie & Alice from Suffolk. These fedoras have become a well known, and well loved brand throughout the country. Worn by celebrities and country loving ladies alike.

In fairness, I like to wear all types of hats and headwear, but my stalwart “go to” has to be an Hicks & Brown fedora. Another British made brand, the quality is second to none, as each hat is hand finished. These 100% wool made hats are synonymous with English countrywear, both in the field and at the races.

Identifiable by the iconic “Hicks & Brown” brass name badge, and self embossed hat band, the fedoras come either plain, accessorized with various game bird feather clusters, or even a full band of feathers; and in a variety of colours. The question is, which one to go for as they are all so gorgeous.

The iconic branding. What could be better?
So hard to choose which one to buy.
Plain Ā£74
Feathered Ā£89
Feathered hat band Ā£95

I have tried other brands of fedora, but to be honest, I would recommend Hicks & Brown every time. Not just for the quality, but for the perfect fit. I personally have not found a hat that fits so well, which is why I always seem to be seen wearing mine. As you will have seen from my instagram feed, I love to colour coordinate, and a fedora is the finishing touch for me.

Maroon Suffolk Fedora, with classic feathers Ā£89

It’s amazing really. Two or three years ago, you would have never seen me in a hat, other than maybe a bobble hat in the winter. Once my confidence started to return, after a lengthy time of self doubt, I felt so good again, I thought I’d try a fedora on. Wow! I looked great. I’d regained and rediscovered my identity.

As you all know I live slap bang in the middle of a town. You don’t tend to see many (if any) ladies walking about donning a hat, but that’s just how good I feel when wearing a fedora. Head high, and stuff what anyone thinks. This is me. This is who I am.

…When a girl knows how to rock a hat…

With so many styles and colours to choose from, I’m a little like a kid in a sweet shop. I have the maroon classic feathered hat, and the navy which is yet to be worn; I’m counting the days down until that Jolly, Plump Chap in red delivers it whilst he’s out joy riding with his reindeer. Yes, It’s been bought as a Christmas gift, to go with a full outfit of other Christmas goodies. I feel very spoilt.

Navy Suffolk Fedora with green feathers (purchased from

When I find any garment that fits well, and looks good, I tend to buy….well…lots of them. These fedoras are becoming no exception. I currently have a list of ones I would like, and will no doubt get sooner or later. The choice of colours and aforementioned designs is great, meaning you are not short of a style for any occassion. Grey, Camel, Maroon, Navy, Olive, Brown, Black; each with three feather cluster designs to decide between. Or how about a feather hat band? Available in pheasant or guinea fowl.

Plain Ā£74
Feather clusters Ā£89
Feather band Ā£95

If that wasn’t enough, Rosie and Alice have recently introduced their sublime “Chelsworth” collection. The finest 100% wool fedora, surrounded by a luxurious velvet band, a top quality feather cluster, and Hicks & Browns crest badge. Available in Maroon, Navy or Green. This is one I will definately be investing in.

The “Chelsworth” collection. Fabulous quality fedoras. Ā£124.

What sets these quality hats apart from the others is the attention to detail. It is not just about the outside; this sumptuous fedora is fully lined, and finished with a leather head band. Not only that; they come beautifully presented in their own special hat box.

Wow. What fabulous attention to detail.

To accompany these stunning hats, is the “Chelsworth” clutch bag……. but that’s another story.

Don’t just take my word for it though. Why not head over to to discover the collections for yourself.

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Well, I think that just about covers the second of my faves. Hope I haven’t bored you to death haha. Until next time, be happy, stay happy and most of all have fun.

Annette XxX