Hello. Welcome to my country style world.

I’d like to start by introducing myself to you all. I’m Annette from North East Lincolnshire. I adore anything to do with country living and lifestyle, and most especially the timeless, classic fashion.

Brand Ambassador/Influencer for:- Clare Haggas Fine ArtšŸ§£ Fairfax & FavoršŸ‘¢ Leger & OaksšŸ§„

Suffolk Fedora Ā£89 Best in Show Classic scarf Ā£99 Fig Lyndon Gilet Ā£139 Galway boots Ā£329 Island Street Sweatshirt Ā£34

Unlike a great many country bloggers, I live slap bang in the middle of a town on the Lincolnshire coast. In Cleethorpes to be exact. That being said, my roots lie firmly within the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds, thanks to my maternal ancestors.

My passion has always been for dogs and horses. I’ve reared and trained dogs as both pets and as working gundogs. Nowadays however, I just have two dogs as pets, Alf and Miss Polly.

Miss Polly is wearing Kingfisher Narrow Scarf Ā£69. Alf is wearing Tantalising Teal Classic Scarf Ā£99. Laid out Mulberry Mayhem Classic Scarf Limited Edition (No longer available).

These two certainly keep me on my toes. Alf, BorderCollie x Golden Retriever; I rescued as a two month old pup. Little did I know what I was taking on. It wasn’t until he was around four, we found out he has “canine autism”. I thank God he came to me as an experienced dog handler. Miss Polly, Labradoodle; I rescued almost two years ago. Her exact age is unknown, but what a sassy girl she’s become.

Now to horses; I have ridden most of my life, working school holidays and weekends at my local stables, in exchange for one hours free lesson. Like most girls, I always wanted my own pony, and in 1989 my dream came true. I bought my beautiful bay mare “Copper”.


It was with a huge wrench to my heart, that due to ill health I had to sell her on. There is not a day goes by that I don’t think to myself “what if?”

What else is there about the countryside that I love? Well, I spent many happy years as a bush beater, working my nutty springer spaniel ‘Meg’, then later as the only lady gun in a Wildfowler’s club, when it wasn’t as popular for ladies as it is now. I’ve even had a go at course fishing.

Fast forward a few years to more recent times, and after some very traumatic times, that lead me to an extremely dark place, I had to give up work. I had a series of bad falls, which left me with permenent damage to my hips. I have Arthritis, and Fibromyalgia (a chronic condition that often leaves me completely exhausted). I don’t let it get me down though, and will not let it beat me.

I felt I needed something to focus on, to bring me back from the depths of despair. It was one thing that triggered the changes I had to make in my life. Just one; a scarf.

Yes, that’s right, A Scarf. To be more precise a @clarehaggasfineart scarf. Thanks to this one scarf, I began to reinvent myself, to the individual you see today. That one scarf helped me on my road to recovery, where I found the confidence that had been knocked out of me. The only problem was, that one scarf lead to many more.

Purely by chance, whilst scrolling through Facebook one day, I came across a person who unknowingly was to become my salvation. This lady was to change my life forever. Three years on, she remains an inspiration to me, and I’d be bold enough to say she has become a dear friend. It all started with one thing…

Narrow Blue Kingfisher Scarf

Yes, that’s right a scarf. Not any ordinary scarf though.

My first Clare Haggas scarf. The first of what was to become an ever growing collection of the most sublime country fashion accessory.

The variety is amazing. Mostly available Handbags:- Croc Print Alice Bag Ā£125 Elizabeth Evening Bag Ā£100 both

From here, I created an Instagram feed @countrystylegirl_in_town, and soon discovered the world I had longed to be a part of once more. Back with country loving guys like all of you.

At my worst, and lowest point, I had hidden myself away. I then began following fashion like a sheep, ignorant of my own identity. But, once my confidence slowly started to return, I thought “sod it! If I want to wear country fashion, and feel comfortable doing so, then I will. This is who I am”.

I have been able to compile what I think is a perfect capsule wardrobe, which has evolved to include many fine, high end brands. All of which, being on a very limited budget, I have had to save hard for. In my defense, is the knowledge that all of these garments are timeless classics.

Sporting Fit Regina Boots Ā£325 Suffolk Fedora Ā£89 Lyndon Gilet Ā£139 http://www.schoffelcountry George and Friends Classic Scarf Ā£99

Well that’s about it for now. I hope you have enjoyed your glimps at my life in words and pictures. I will endeavour to make my features light hearted, informative and creative. Most of all I hope you will continue to follow me, and enjoy my blogs.

Please feel free to subscribe to receive blogs as they happen. Just click on the ‘follow’ icon on the bottom right.

Until next time, be happy, stay happy and most of all have fun.

Thank-you. Bye for this week. See you all next Sunday.

Annette XxX

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