Hi and welcome to my little blog.

I’d like to start by introducing myself to you all. I’m Annette from North East Lincolnshire. I adore anything to do with country living and lifestyle, and most especially the timeless classic fashions.

Unlike a lot of country bloggers, I live in a town, on the Lincolnshire coast, and always have done. In Cleethorpes to be exact. That being said, my roots lie firmly within the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds, thanks to my maternal ancestors.

My passions have always been for dogs and horses. I’ve trained dogs both as pets and working gundogs. Nowadays however, I just have 2 pet dogs, Alf and Miss Polly.

These two certainly keep me on the go. I rescued Alf as a 2month old Border Collie x Golden Retriever. Little did I know then what I was taking on. It wasn’t until he was around 4 that I descovered he has ‘canine autism’. Miss Polly, my looney Labradoodle; I rescued in 2018

Now to horses; I have ridden from a young age, working during school holidays and at weekends at my local stables in exchange for a free hours ride. I owned a horse breifly in the 1980’s, but in 2021 bought my šŸ’–horse. My beautiful girl “Highmoor Queen”. She is the best therapy I could wish for

What else is there about the countryside I hear you ask. Well, I spent many happy years as both a bush beater, then later as the only lady gun in a Wildfowler’s club. Something that at the time was quite unique. I even had a go at course fishing at one point.

Fast forward a few years to the present, and after some very traumatic times that lead me to an extremely dark place… I had to give up working due to ill health. I have Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, a chronic condition that often leaves me exhausted.

Purely by chance, scrolling through facebook one day, I came across a person who unknowingly was to become my saviour. This lady was to change my life for ever. She is a daily inspiration to me, and I may be bold enough to say has become a dear friend. It all started with one thing…

Yes. A scarf. To be more precise a scarf. Thanks to this one scarf, I began to reinvent myself to the individual you see today. That one scarf lead to more and more.

I started an Instagram feed @countrystylegirl_in_town, and soon discovered the world I had longed to be a part of once more. Back with country loving people.

At my worst, I hid myself away, following fashion like a sheep. But, once my confidence began to return, I thought “Sod it! If I want to wear country fashion then I will. This is who I am”.

My capsule wardrobe has now evolved to include some fine high end brands, all of which I have had to save up for, being on a very limited budget, but all of these garments are classic, they are timeless.